Andrew Spiegel has over 10 years of experience on national and international not for profit board of directors. He is the Current Chairman of the Board of the Digestive Disease National Coalition, a group of more than 50 leading patient groups from various diseases in the US. He is also the Former CEO of large national NGO, and the Current Executive Director of global NGO, Global Colon Cancer Association.

Andrew has more than 17 years of experience in the non-profit arena and significant experience in the oversight and management of non-profit organizations. He is an attorney licensed in the USA.



  • Has Board and executive experience in building and managing non profit organizations
  • Responsible for managing staff, developing and growing programs, fundraising, donor cultivation and relationship management, managing finances, development and implementation of strategic plans, media interviews
  • Public affairs and communications speaker at numerous health related events around the globe,
  • Legal and entrepreneurial experience


Terms on our board

  • 1st term (2016-2019)