Bisi Bright, Board Member

Bisi Bright is a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, Lecturer and Public Health Manager. She is 1st Vice Chairman and CEO of LiveWell Initiative LWI, a self-sustaining nonprofit healthcare organisation which has impacted almost 2 million nigerian patients. Bisi is very passionate about patient care and advocacy. She is a very active member of IAPO, having served as a Regional Steering Committee Member of IAPO Africa and, having worked with several patients across the spectrum of care. Bisi is Deputy National Coordinator of the National Hepatitis Coalition in Nigeria, and a two-time International Award winner of the IATDM/CT and other awards.


  • Experienced in running innovative executive health missions within the organised private sector in Nigeria
  • Has worked with national and international NGOs for public health initiatives
  • Combines clinical qualifications to support high-quality service delivery and management experience
  • Experienced in managing large-scale programs for success and scaling-up innovative pilot programs across Nigeria, at national levels
  • Experienced in capacity and technical building program management
Terms on our Board
  • 1st term (2020-2023)
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