Hussain Jafri is the Secretary General of Alzheimer's Pakistan. He is the current IAPO Treasurer as well as a former Chair of IAPO. He has a PhD in genetics and works as a consultant in medical field. He is Vice Chair of the Advisory Group of WHO’s Patients for Patients Safety programme and has vast experience of working as a volunteer in the social sector and as an active Board Member of numerous national and international patient organizations.

He is working as Research Coordinator for University of Leeds, UK and Cambridge University, UK in a collaborative research programme on gene location between Pakistan and the UK, funded by a Wellcome Trust Grant. He is a WHO Patients for Patient Safety Champion (PFPS) and a PFPS representative of Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO).



  • CHAIR and Board member of IAPO in the past.
  • Has served on many of IAPO committees including Audit, Fundraising, Nominations, Membership, Strategic Planning, World Patients Day and Global Patients Congress Committees
  • Participated in many of IAPO’s national, regional and international events, workshops and conferences and have also contributed towards the development of its toolkits and other resources
  • Advocacy and policy, such as expertise on particular policy issues of relevance to patients or of a particular policy-related organization (e.g. WHO, PAHO, EU and UN etc)
  • Communications, such as strategy, media, identity, communicating key messages
  • Financial, such as accountancy, strategy, financial planning or management
  • Fundraising, such as corporate and foundation fundraising


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