Key messages

Key messages on World Patient Safety Day 

  • 17th September 2019 is the first time the world will come together to mark World Patient Safety Day after the day was established at the recent World Health Assembly in May 2019.


  • World Patient Safety Day is a global commitment for everyone to recognize patient safety as key health priority and agree to take action to reduce patient harm in health care settings.


  • World Patient Safety Day is a unique opportunity for all health stakeholders to stand together, united in positioning patient safety as an essential component for strengthening health care systems to achieve universal health coverage.


  • All patients, patient advocates and carers are committed to prioritizing patient safety and making healthcare safer worldwide.


  • For healthcare systems to be viewed as patient-centric, the principle of patient safety must be properly guaranteed.


  • Patient safety is a global health priority.


  • No one should be harmed while seeking care.