Neda Milevska-Kostova is the Executive Director of the Centre for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum”, in which capacity she is responsible for the management and growth of Studiorum’s national and regional activities, health policy research for informing policy and strengthening knowledge and evidence base for meaningful advocacy at national and regional levels. 

She is also Director of the Institute for Social Innovations, focused on innovations in health and wellbeing, and holds a MA in public policy and management and a PhD in public health. Neda Milevska Kostova has been working in the healthcare sector for over 20 years in the field of health research, policy and patient advocacy. 

Neda is also Vice-president of the Health First Europe, an umbrella organization based in Brussels, Belgium working on improving access to innovative health technologies in Europe. 

In 2018, Dr Milevska Kostova was awarded the title Primarius by the Minister of Health for exceptional and long-term commitment and contributions to development and advancement of the health system and health status of the population in North Macedonia.


  • Strategic Leadership in creating, communication and implementation of national health policies, involving diverse stakeholders throughout the society
  • Strengthening networks and institutional building in South East Europe and supporting the newly established patient organizations
  • Public policy development and advocacy at governmental level, professional associations and scientific congresses and symposia
  • Contributed to both science and policy, by participating in implementation of over 30 research projects and in the development of over 20 policy documents for the countries in the European Union and South-East Europe,
  • Extensively published in over 70 academic articles, scientific publications and policy reports.
  • Fundraising principally international donors’ and foundation fundraising

Terms on our board

  • 1st term (2018-2019) Retirement by rotation
  • 2nd term (2019 - 2021)