European Network on Patient Empowerment

The European Network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE) aims to promote patient empowerment through evidence based programmes which focus on chronic diseases.  

ENOPE is a non political, non profit network. The goal of ENOPE is to promote patient empowerment in Europe through evidence based programmes which focus on living with chronic disease. The network brings together organizations which implement or plan to implement such programmes though out Europe. IAPO is a member of ENOPE.  

What is patient empowerment?

If healthcare is a dialogue and a partnership between both professionals and people living with chronic conditions, everybody will be motivated to change things for the better, empowering individuals and the system alike.

...But for the empowerment to succeed, some major changes have to be made. The healthcare system must create a patient-centred culture, in which patients are informed and involved in all phases of their treatment.

People living with chronic diseases must then be supported in making decisions regarding the treatment.