IAPO Statement on EB148/5 – Global action on patient safety

IAPO welcomes the WHO Director General’s Report EB 148/6 and the draft global patient safety action plan.

We thank the WHO Secretariat and its Flagship Initiative: A Decade of Patient Safety 2020-2030 for consulting with IAPO and its patient organizations on the draft action plan to ensure that patient, carer, and family perspectives are incorporated in the plan and to have them fully engaged in its implementation.

Today prioritizing patient safety and eliminating avoidable harm in health care must be a central part of every Member State's WHA 73.1 COVID-19 response. We need to restore the public’s trust in our health systems by ensuring patient safety and health worker safety is a priority. To achieve a sustainable UHC 2030, our health systems should not expend the critically needed finance, resources, and manpower in expensive and punitive litigation, compensation, and rectification of avoidable patient harm in health care.

We urge all governmental and nongovernmental organizations to shape and accelerate patient safety implementation in their countries and achieve a world in which no one is harmed in health care, and every patient receives safe and respectful care, every time, everywhere.

In 2021, IAPO is prioritizing patient engagement and co-creation within health systems by establishing a ‘Patients for Patient Safety’ Observatory to ensure that cohesive and complementary evidence-based patient safety action is taken by all stakeholders. The IAPO P4PS Observatory will be a critical component in the delivery of safe UHC 2030.