Events & Activities


- The Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW), a campaign co-designed by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Patients for Patient Safety Canada, is calling all Canadian stakeholders to become involved in making patient safety a priority. CPSW campaign runs from 29 October to 2 November and has amazing tools, games, podcasts, a petition to improve the labelling of non-prescription medications and is holding two online events:

•  Webinar on 29 October - Not All Meds Get Along: Reducing Inappropriate Medication Use: Learn 10 best practices for reducing inappropriate medication use and polypharmacy. Description and registration here. 

•  Virtual Screening & Twitter Talk Event on 2nd November - Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story. Description and registration here.



3rd International Conference on Patient Safety on 4 November. Organized by Riphah Institute of Healthcare Improvement & Safety and  Riphah International University, the conference has a mission of providing safe and quality health services to all patients in Pakistan.


- 50th Anniversary of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring celebration on the 5th November 2018 in Geneva.


- On 7 November, IAPO and Fight the Fakes are holding the webinar 'Joining the global fight against fake medicines to ensure safe medication and healthcare for all' to engage patient advocates from all over the world in the fight against falsified medicines. The webinar will be an opportunity to find out more about the Campaign and also learn from personal stories of patients whose lives have been impacted by falsified medicines. For more information, please click here.



Fight the Fakes week which will take place from 3-9 December 2018. Organized by the Fight the Fakes campaign, this activity aims to increase awareness within the partner organisations and networks and have staff join in the fight against fake medicines.


Patient Solidarity Day on 7 December. Differently from previous years, we encourage everyone who wants to support the campaign to hold activities throughout the week commencing on 3 December building momentum towards the big day.


- Community Health and Information Network – CHAIN (IAPO member from Uganda) and the Uganda Alliance of Patients Organisations – UAPO (IAPO members from Uganda) will organise a community session with patient organisations, civil society organizations and community members to raise awareness on medication safety. Session presentations will be made by key healthcare stakeholders such as the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, supply chain organisations, regulators and pharmacists. The organizations will also hold an essay competition among schools, where students will be asked to do research on medication safety in their communities and draft an essay to be presented to health experts for critique and review. The final version of the essays will then be posted on the CHAIN, UAPO and IAPO websites and social media. In addition, UAPO and CHAIN will hold a debate session on medication safety, that will be implemented by community patients safety advocates.


- Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and Education (IAPO member from India) will hold two events with focus on safe medication and healthcare: an essay competition and a panel discussion. Students of a Public Health Institution will be engaged in the essay competition, where a jury of experts will select the top three to receive prizes and certificates. This will be followed by a panel discussion with patient representatives, government and health providers. The discussions will, then, be turned into a report to be submitted to the government with the aim of advocating for universal health coverage and safe medicines in India.


- On 8 December, SIMMON Foundation (IAPO member from Colombia) will hold a talk with 150 patients and caregivers about universal healthcare, safe medicines and how patients can be better informed about medications given to them. Throughout the event, they will record patients' and caregivers' thoughts, experiences and solutions on safe medication and universal healthcare. These videos will then be shared on their Facebook and Twitter accounts to raise awareness on safe medication.


- NGO Save Liver - SLAP (IAPO member from Macedonia) is organising two activities to celebrate PSD: an educative lecture and leafleting session. The lecture will be held on 5 December with an aim of addressing the lack of familiarity from both patients and doctors on pharmacovigilance and how/where to report unexpected drug side effects. The lecture will also be an opportunity to discuss the importance of more cooperation between doctors and patients in Macedonia. On 7 December, PSD day, SLAP will distribute leaflets to the general public on the same topic and campaign via social media channels.


- Patient and Community Welfare Foundation of Malawi - PAWEM (IAPO member from Malawi) is organising a district walk to visit Chikwawa Prison. During the walk, they will have opportunities for the local community members and leaders to speak and raise awareness on patient rights, safe medicines and healthcare. After the walk, PAWEM will hold a press conference where feedback on the campaign will be provided to District Councils, health institutions, accountability institutions and media on the state of health service delivery in Malawi. PAWEM is expecting to strengthen their collaboration with key actors in healthcare and empower patients and community members to demand for their rights and better health service delivery.


- The Epilepsy Support Association Uganda - ESAU (IAPO member from Uganda), in partnership with The AIDS Support Organisation - TASO (IAPO member from Uganda), will work with Epilepsy Clubs (E-Clubs) in 8 secondary schools in the Masaka District by education them safe medication. ESAU will also provide support for these E-Clubs to share the knowledge through community drama and music performances with 4,000 community members within and without the school environment. In addition to sustaining the knowledge on safe medication through their normal activities with the 8 E-clubs, ESAU plans to eventually roll it out to other 7 E-clubs.


- Sharecare Ghana (IAPO member from Ghana) will conduct a survey with the aim of developing an advocacy agenda for fighting falsified medicines as part of the organization’s general advocacy work. The online survey will be shared with the general public in November, in the build up to PSD 2018. Findings will then be developed into a report and published on Sharecare Ghana’s website and shared with partners in December.


- Sickle cell and Young Stroke Survivors (IAPO member from UK and Nigeria) will deliver a seminar to educate sickle cell patients on the harm in unsafe medication and the need for healthcare to be extended to everyone. Professional pharmacists will speak on the chemical components of drugs and the implications of abuse. The organization already provides psychological services to patients and has recently established a virtual forum where patients are connected and can exchange experiences and interact.


- On 7 December, the Association of Community Pharmacists of India (IAPO member from India) will have kiosks near public places such as retail pharmacies, hospitals, railway stations and bus stands where registered pharmacists and pharmacy students will provide free drug safety instruction to the general public. The aim is to raise awareness among health consumers that prescription drugs are not 100% safe and they need to be used under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals.


- Throughout PSD 2018 week (3 to 7 December), Community Development Awareness and Health Empowerment Foundation - CDAHEF (IAPO member from Nigeria) will organise community engagement sessions to raise awareness on patient safety. These include; visits to local hospitals, meetings with patent medicine dealers, issue a press release, media interviews, health talks, market rally and distribution of Information, Education and Communication materials.


- Alzheimer’s Pakistan (IAPO member from Pakistan) will conduct awareness lectures on patient safety in colleges and universities. They are also preparing posters to be displayed all over the Province of Punjab and will distribute leaflets with PSD key messages to raise awareness on patient safety among the general public. The organization is also planning on engaging the Government of Punjab in the campaign.


- The Patient Safety Foundation (IAPO member from Poland) will organise a visit of nursing students to two hospitals in Lodz (Institute Centre for Mother and Child and Copernicus Regional Hospital) to raise awareness among doctors, nurses and patients about fake medicines and products. On 8 December, they will also hold a meeting on medical reconciliation and on what can be done to reduce medicines intake by patients.


- On 11 December, the Philippine Alliance of Patients Organizations - PAPO (IAPO member from Philippines) will conduct a capacity building workshop for patient group leaders on medication safety led by the President of the Philippine Pharmacists Association.  


- On 13 December, Health Consumers' Council (IAPO member from Australia) will be hosting the screening of The Bleeding Edge by Academy Award nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering. The film documents an investigation into the medical device industry and shines a light on the perils of the relentless pace of innovation. Prior to the screening, guests will get to hear from panellists Joanne McCarthy (Walkely Award winning journalist credited with breaking this story), Senator Rachel Siewert (Chair of the Senate Inquiry into pelvic mesh) and key consumer advocates impacted by implants.