She is executive director of Centre for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum”, think-tank working on health and wellbeing policies in South Eastern Europe, and holds MA in public policy and management, and PhD in public health. 

Neda has participated in a number of advocacy and legislative processes, including the promotion of patients’ rights in South East Europe, the creation and the passing of patients’ rights law in Macedonia, and is a strong supporter of patient-centred health systems.
She has been the team leader and researcher of many projects related to rights to health, health care reforms, and promoting health as a contributor to economic growth and societal development


  • Strategic Leadership in creating, communication and implementation of national health policies, involving diverse stakeholders throughout the society
  • Strengthening networks and institutional building in South East Europe and supporting the newly established patient organizations
  • Public policy development and advocacy at governmental level, professional associations and scientific congresses and symposia
  • Fundraising principally international donors’ and foundation fundraising
Neda's terms on our board:
1st term (2018-2021)