Fighting resistant superbugs: can we as patients play a bigger role?

Fighting resistant superbugs: can we as patients play a bigger role?

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Since our establishment, IAPO has been dedicated to fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), through development of various policy briefs, analyses, educational materials and advocacy toolkits for its members and patient organisations worldwide in order to turn global best practices into concrete action on the ground.

The UN has called for concerted action from governments and various sectors to address the implications of AMR in a comprehensive manner, and implement strategies at national level.

However, reality is teaching us that patients need to play a much bigger role in this fight, as they are directly involved in over-prescribing, overuse and self-medication - the scale and effect of which is still unknown.

There are many organisations interested in addressing the issue of AMR, and the diversity of expertise and experience is vast. However, to date, there has been no consolidated effort globally to amalgamate these and provide a coherent guidance and support for patients’ engagement in tackling this global public health threat.

IAPO has the commitment and vision to overcome this disconnect, and unite the patients and citizens’ voice around the issue of AMR through  the AMR Patient Alliance whose vision is a world where human-induced antimicrobial resistance is eliminated.

Join us for the launch of the AMR Patient Alliance at the 2nd Asia Pacific Patient Congress, 3-4 December, 2020.