PCC Alliance holds a workshop for cancer patient organisations in Morocco

PCC Alliance holds a workshop for cancer patient organisations in Morocco

Sunday, 28 April 2024

IAPO, via the Personalised Cancer Care Alliance (PCC Alliance), hosted a ground-breaking workshop aimed at enhancing the capacity of cancer patient organisations in Morocco. Held in Marrakech on 28th January, the workshop brought together 18 patient advocates representing different types of cancer and regions of the country.


Morocco was selected for a pilot project of the PCC Alliance aiming at advancing personalised cancer care within its health system. This initiative is supported by our local partner Association des Malades Atteints de Leucémies – AMAL and our sponsor partner MSD.


The workshop content was crafted based on the results of a survey carried out with the participants to assess their needs on capacity-building and advocacy skills, as well as their knowledge on cancer care in Morocco through the 5 Ps framework described in the Alliance’s position paper launched in 2023.


Facilitated by Dr Sawsan AlMadhi (AlignnEficient Health Consultancies CO LLC), the workshop was divided into training sessions aimed at enhancing organisational effectiveness, such as goal setting, stakeholder analysis, resource management, effective communication, and monitoring and evaluation techniques.


It also provided an opportunity for the cancer patient organisations to share their experiences and initiatives aimed at supporting cancer patients in Morocco and raising awareness about cancer care. They highlighted the challenges faced by patient organisations, including limited resources for advocacy and support services.


The workshop concluded with a session on planning for high-level advocacy where participants learned about the importance of collaboration and strategic partnerships in advancing their advocacy work.


The PCC Alliance workshop in Morocco served as a platform for exchanging ideas, forging collaborations, and laying the groundwork for initiatives aimed at integrating the personalised approach to cancer care in Morocco, and ultimately improving the lives of individuals affected by cancer.


IAPO was honoured to meet with the patient organisations attending the workshop, and for their active engagement and valuable contributions. We look forward to our continuous collaboration with them in the development of our pilot project in Morocco!


About the PCC Alliance


The Personalised Cancer Care Alliance is an alliance of cancer patients, carers and representatives of patient organisations from within the WHO Eastern Mediterranean and selected countries from WHO Africa and Europe set up to advance health literacy in cancer, advocacy skills and education on personalised cancer care. To learn more, visit PCCA webpage here.


Why personalised cancer care is critical for patients 


Personalised cancer care holds immense importance for patients as it embodies the principle of placing the individual at the forefront of their healthcare journey. It is pivotal in ensuring that patients receive treatments tailored to their unique needs, preferences, and circumstances, even more in the realm of cancer care, where each patient's diagnosis and treatment plan can vary significantly. Personalised cancer care can also empower individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey.



The 5 Ps


The 5 Ps framework (predictive, preventative, participatory, personalised, and pre-emptive) described in the PCC Alliance’s position paper launched in 2023 aims to revolutionise the landscape of cancer treatment and management. It has a transformative potential to enhance patient health outcomes. IAPO is using the 5Ps approach to raise awareness, enhance advocacy skills, and educate patient organisations about the benefits of personalised cancer care.