Volunteering with IAPO

Volunteers play an important role at IAPO.  

IAPO audience Congress 2016  

A different perspective

Volunteers bring a different perspective to our work, fill skills gaps such as translation needs among our staff, and extend the work we can do by enabling staff to devote time elsewhere. 

"Volunteering for IAPO was a fantastic experience! It showed me how projects can be transferred from conception to reality, and allowed me to work with an amazing organization that has a great determination and zeal. It felt great to volunteer with an organization and people that are working towards having a real and positive impact in the world. I hope this program continues to grow as it has a great deal to offer."  

Former Membership and Capacity Building Volunteer

Opportunities for volunteers

There are a range of volunteering opportunities available at IAPO. These include:

  • Part-time ongoing Spanish language support
  • Membership and capacity building support
  • Part-time ongoing administration support
  • Research support on specific policy issues
  • Specific project support
  • Internal processes and systems support

If you are interested in volunteering with IAPO or have any questions, please contact us.