The vision of the Patient Academy is to create communities of empowered patients that take ownership in the management of their medical condition through customized health information.


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The Patient Academy aims to empower patients on relevant medical conditions or issues through health literacy.

Health literacy allows people the ability to access health information that can help to prevent, protect, and manage their medical conditions.4,1 WHO attributes that heath literacy can play an important part in patients actively taking control of their own health.2  It is one of the cost-effective approaches that can be used to overcome challenges associated especially with noncommunicable diseases and as an instrument to reach several targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.5

WHO has recognized health literacy as a key component in promoting a patient centric approach. 3 A patient-centric approach involves and enables participation of the patient in their own health care.3



Viatris has collaborated with IAPO with the goal of building a sustainable patient-centered approach to the care of their medical conditions.



The Patient Academy has been designed to be:


About the site

The site currently features different modules based on specific medical conditions. Here you will have access to disease awareness videos, posters, patient stories, frequently asked questions, additional resources and contact details for support centers. Some of the topics are: 


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