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We have hosted the Global Patients Congress since 2005. Over this time, we have brought our global membership together with a variety of high level healthcare stakeholders to discuss important issues for patients worldwide.  

IAPO member at Congress 2014 

Previous Congress themes


Congress timeline

Previous Congress resources

  • 9th CongressCo-creation in Innovative Healthcare during COVID-19
  • 8th Congress: Globally Empowered Patients. Building the Momentum
  • 7th Congress: Innovation improving sustainable access: boosting your reach and impact
  • 6th Congress: Better access, better health: A patient-centred approach to UHC
  • 5th Congress: Achieving patient-centred healthcare: indicators of progress and success
  • 4th Congress: Strengthening health systems globally: the value of patient engagement
  • 3rd Congress: Making patient-centred healthcare a reality for patients worldwide
  • 2nd Congress: Together we can...
  • 1st Congress: Trust us - we're patients 

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