The WHO has released a global strategy on people-centred and integrated health services (PCIHS) and it is now open for public consultation. Dr Edward Kelley, from Service and Delivery at the WHO, has written the invitation below.
IAPO CEO Kawaldip Sehmi explores how using a human rights-based approach (HRBA) can be a powerful factor in achieving patient-centred healthcare as patient advocates can now go beyond their national constitutions, statutory law (Acts of Parliament) and subsidiary legislation to seek help from international law. They can invite global health governance scrutiny on the actions and inactions of their national governments and their health systems.
Alison Lightbourne, IAPO Policy Manager, explores the risks of looking at health problems with a narrow focus and the impact this can have on the lives of patients.
In support of the 'SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands' campaign on 5 May and ten years of the 'WHO Clean Care is Safer Care' programme, the 2nd WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework Global Survey was launched on 1 June 2015 and will be open until 10 September 2015.
Kawaldip Sehmi, IAPO's Chief Executive Officer, explores the importance of naming diseases and conditions in a patient-centred way.
The World Health Assembly (WHA) was held last week in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Palais des Nations, a fitting venue for such a large-scale gathering that brings together people from around the world representing countries, non-governmental groups, commercial and professional interests.
WHO: Is it sufficient to treat an illness without knowing and addressing the conditions that cause or contribute to individuals becoming sick in the first place?
Why should health professionals know about the conditions in which you live? By Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity and President-Elect of the World Medical Association
La gerente de políticas de IAPO, Alison Lightbourne explora la importancia de la higiene de manos y si sigue siendo un problema acuciante en el mundo de hoy.


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