Ellos Ellard Lodzeni, Board Chair

Ellos Ellard Lodzeni is based in Malawi. Ellos is a health rights, social justice and governance advocate as well as a patient for patient safety champion with an enormous passion on health matters. He is the patron and founder trustee of Patient and Community Welfare Foundation of Malawi, the only cross-disease patient movement in Malawi which articulates and amplifies the patient voice and drives the crusade for patient-centered health care in Malawi. 



  • He has over 30 years public sector work experience 
  • Executive Secretary in the office of the Ombudsman where he continues to advance the protection and promotion of respect to human rights
  • Experienced in coordinating activities between  health institutions both public and civil society
  • Experienced in advocating for Hepatitis 
  • Patients for Patient Safety Champion,
  • Holds a Master of Arts in Development from the Universty of East Anglia, UK. 
 Terms on our board
  • 1st term (2018-2021)
  • 2nd term (2021-2024)