How to access treatments in development for chronic pain Webinar

Friday, 2 March 2018

This is the first of a series of educational webinars for the community of patients living with chronic pain, organized by FindMeCure Foundation and the Chronic Pain Ireland with support from the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations

This webinar aims to explore how treatments in development can be accessible for all patients living with chronic pain. Deirdre Ryan (Chronic Pain Ireland) will provide an overview of the situation of chronic pain in Ireland, UK and Europe. Maya Zlatanova (FindMeCure Foundation) will then explain the drug development process and how patients can benefit from it through participation in clinical trials. She will also provide examples on how to find and take part in clinical trials related to chronic pain conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Neuropathic Pain, etc.

You will benefit from this webinar if:
- you are a patient living with chronic pain and want to understand how clinical trials are run. 
- you are looking to find out more about treatments in development.
- you are heading a patient community/organization and want to help your members save their time and efforts.
You will learn:
- What are the challenges of chronic pain patients in Ireland and Europe?
- How are new treatments being developed and how to benefit from them now?
- What are the pluses and minuses of participating in a clinical trial?
- How can you find more about available clinical trials and how to take part in them? 


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