HE Dr Wahid Ali Said Al Kharusi

HE Dr Wahid Ali Said Al Kharusi, MD FRCS is the President & Chairperson of the Oman Cancer Association. 

Dr. Wahid AlKharusi is a globally recognised orthopaedic surgeon from the Sultanate of Oman, where he built up modern orthopaedic treatment in the country. He has also been a prominent global health leader as a Director on the Board of Directors of the Union for International Cancer Control. 

He received his surgical training at Cambridge University and his orthopaedic consultant accreditation from the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1983. He served for many years as the head of Khuola Hospital in Muscat.

Dr. AlKharusi is  very active in advancing cancer care and control and is champion for patient centred care as the President of The Oman Cancer Association (OCA), a non-governmental, non-for-profit umbrella organization registered at the Ministry of Social Development in 2004. OCA is the brainchild of a 4 times cancer survivor Ms. Yuthar AlRawahi who started the initiatives in 1999. The Oman Cancer Association is 17 years old and serves the community to achieve its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Dr. AlKhauri was also instrumental in organizing emergency care in Oman, with a special interest in road traffic safety. With other members of the Bone and Joint Decade, he advocated for the United Nations to pass five resolutions on road safety. He became a member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration, chaired by WHO, and is the official representative from Oman and recently appointed ambassador in the foreign ministry.

Terms on SAB
  • 1st term (2021-2022)