What are the key messages to advocate for PSD 2021?

1. No one should be harmed in healthcare and every patient should receive safe and respectful care, every time, everywhere.


2. Make zero avoidable harm to patients a state of mind and a rule of engagement in the planning and delivery of healthcare everywhere.


3. Engage patients, families and civil society organizations in co‑development of policies, plans, strategies, programmes and guidelines to make healthcare safer (Strategic objective 4.1 from GPSAP 21- 30).


4. Learn from the experience of patients and families exposed to unsafe care to improve understanding of the nature of harm and foster the development of more effective solutions (Strategic objective 4.2 from GPSAP 21- 30).


5. Build the capacity of patient advocates and champions in patient safety (Strategic objective 4.3 from GPSAP 21- 30).


6. Establish the principle and practice of openness and transparency throughout health care, including through patient safety incident disclosure to patients and families (Strategic objective 4.4 from GPSAP 21- 30).


7. Provide information and education to patients and families for their involvement in self-care and empower them for shared decision-making (Strategic objective 4.5 from GPSAP 21- 30).