Global Perceptions on Engagement and Empowerment

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Contributed by Emma Scholar, intern for WHO's Patients for Patient Safety programme.

Most of us have come into contact with healthcare systems whether as a patient, a family member, a health professional, a policy-maker or other. The building and fostering of relationships between all health stakeholders can help to ensure improved safety and quality of care.

The Patient for Patient Safety programme (PFPS) at the World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a project on Global Perceptions on Engagement and Empowerment in healthcare. The goal of this project is to achieve meaningful engagement of patients, families and the community in order to improve safety and quality at all levels within healthcare systems and services.

Engaging patients, families and communities in healthcare has been recognised as increasingly important in recent years. In high income countries, evidence suggests that building relationships and partnerships between healthcare professionals and patients can help in achieving better health outcomes, an improved patient experience and lower costs to health systems overall. However, in low- and middle-income countries, there is less evidence concerning the impact and nature of engagement. This is why your contribution matters to us.

Take part

As part of the project, people are being asked to give their view on engagement and what makes it meaningful to them by completing an online questionnaire including ‘selfie’ videos. We are looking forward to hearing your contributions and hope that they will help to inform a more global perception on engagement in healthcare.

More details

For more details please contact Emma Scholar and to give your contributions, please follow the link to our website where you can fill in the questionnaire. This questionnaire is now open until 31 October.