Key IAPO member achievements in 2013

  • 10 countries and 17 IAPO members held awareness raising events across Africa
  • Four IAPO members had government representatives present at their events
  • A representative of the Ministry of Public Health signed the IAPO Declaration on Patient-Centred Healthcare in Cameroon
  • Members held a diverse range of activities and events, including free health screenings, providing basic healthcare to communities, multi-stakeholder seminars, to awareness workshops
  • Strong social media engagement and awareness building globally
  • Representatives from seven member organizations participated in the Patient Solidarity Day Steering Committee, providing valuable insight and input 


Some highlights from IAPO member activities in 2013

A number of other IAPO members supported the initiative and held activities to highlight the day. We congratulate all members and thank them for their support! We are looking forward to growing this support in 2014!

Cameroon: Action for Humane Hospitals distributed flyers on the importance of patient-centred healthcare to inform the public about these issues. They also held a press conference about the Day and its importance, which was covered by local media, including a television show dedicated to youth engagement. A representative of the Ministry of Public Health signed the IAPO Declaration on Patient-Centred Healthcare; a significant gesture to support the importance of this day.

Ghana: Multiple stakeholders, including Government representatives, came together in an event organised in partnership with a number of local patients’ organizations, including IAPO members ShareGhana and Mental Health Society Ghana. The event highlighted the importance of patient-centred healthcare, with over 150 people in attendance. Free health screenings provided quality health care to vulnerable groups. The event also inaugurated a new patients’ organizations network, Patients Alliance of Ghana in Engagement (PAGE), bringing together a diverse range of patient groups to strengthen the patients’ voice in Ghana.

Kenya: There were a number of members who held activities across the country. 

  • Patient Solidarity Day events were organized by a multi-stakeholder national committee, which included representatives from the Ministry of Health, WHO Kenya Country Office and patient organizations. The primary organizers were the Morris Moses Foundation, a close affiliate of IAPO’s and the founder of Patient Solidarity Day. Various events were held including a march to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi; the largest referral hospital in East and Central Africa. Free community health screenings were held offering access to basic medical services and information, donations and care packages were delivered to patients, and key representatives gave speeches on the importance of patient-centred healthcare.
  • IAPO member, Africa Psoriasis Organization, held a workshop at the Kenya Methodist University to educate students about the condition and highlight patients’ needs.
  • The Regional Society of Blood Transfusion Kenya, another IAPO member also showed solidarity on the Day.

Liberia: IAPO member Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development (LUYCD) engaged their networks and partners to support PSD, aiming to how solidarity and implement programmes focusing on health literacy for the disadvantaged throughout the country.

Malawi: IAPO member Global Health Mobilisation gathered patient organizations, government officials and communities together to share experiences of health system delivery in Chikhwawa district. The Patient and Community Welfare Foundation, also an IAPO member, held a seminar to call for governments to adopt patient-centred approaches to healthcare. The event also had theatre, dance and drama to engage the audience in the key messages. 

Nigeria: A number of IAPO members active in different regions throughout Nigeria participated in Patient Solidarity Day.

  •  ​LiveWell Initiative (LWI) held a large community health outreach programme with free health screenings and access to information and treatment for the community. LWI were also the winners of the PSD photo competition, with a moving image of a mother and her twins accessing health services.
  • PLAN Health Advocacy and Development Foundation held numerous events including a special television programme on patient-centred healthcare as well as a community symposium, highlighting the issues. 
  • The Community Development Alliance, in collaboration with other patient organizations hosted community health screenings, awareness campaigns through public media as provision of key healthcare information to educate communities. 
  • The Network of People living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (NEPWHAN) held community dialogues to discuss the quality of healthcare services available in Nigeria. They also held a multi-stakeholder meeting with key players working on HIV/AIDS in the country, to review the quality of anti-retrovirals.

Uganda: Activities on the Day were organized by the Ugandan Alliance of Patients Organizations, which includes a number of IAPO members, the Community Health and Information Network, Uganda (CHAIN), The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), National Care Centre and Sickle Cell Uganda. UAPO held a health camp, providing free health services for local communities, including HIV/AIDS counselling and testing. They had presentations on the importance of empowering patients and leading health issues, as well as speeches by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in the sector. Patient testimonies were shared, with theatre used to promote the key messages of improving lives through patient-centred healthcare.

South Africa: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group linked their support of PSD with World Mental Health Day on 10 October, continuing their awareness raising and engagement activities over two weeks. They performed a number of activities around the country, including a government engagement day at Parliament to raise awareness of mental health and how there is a clear need for further support of mentally ill patients.

Zambia: IAPO members Bethesda Zambia and Advocacy on Human Development held awareness campaigns to educate communities and engage different stakeholders.