Pain is a serious sensory threat that can affect virtually any part of the body in varying degrees. The way people experience pain differs greatly, with some tolerating it more than others. It is important to note that pain can be significantly debilitating and affect the overall quality of life. Dr. James Trapasso , Medical Director, Presbyterian Medical Group, discusses pain management and its benefits and risks.
The Thalassaemia International Federation takes initiative and action through the establishment of a World Alliance representing multi-transfused individuals aiming to raise awareness and support the work of WHO and of all the governments, and also raise public awareness about the risks of transfusions that may stem from the non-implementation of security protocols and the lack of compliance with relevant resolutions. This is all for the promotion of Blood Safety and Availability.
As we prepare to mark World Hepatitis Day on 28th July, the Hepatitis Foundation of Ghana gives us an overview of the situation in Ghana as all countries in the African Region consider viral hepatitis an urgent public health issue with the burden of viral hepatitis believed to be one of the highest in this part of the world.
Kawaldip Sehmi, IAPO CEO, explores medicine regulation in Latin America to develop national capacity within medicines regulatory authorities to approve medicines in a timely manner and to ensure acceptable quality, safety and efficacy standards within their borders.
By Elnaz Naseri, Health Policy Officer at IAPO. Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. [1] Alcohol-use disorder, Schizophrenia, and other mental, neurological and sub­stance-use (MNS) disorders constitute 13% of the global burden of disease surpassing both...
A free online course which helps participants judge how reliable health research is.
Cada uno tiene diferentes enfoques de aprendizaje. Con una extensión de la red en todo el mundo es crucial que los miembros de IAPO tengan acceso a recursos flexibles, relevantes y de alta calidad que encajen con las múltiples zonas horarias en que se encuentran nuestros miembros. ​
The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) presents Tools For Change, a three-part webinar series aimed at educating and up skilling viewers on various aspects of advocacy and the tools needed to effectively lobby for change.
IAPO produced 12 newsletters and around 100 articles during 2015. We have compiled the top ten most read articles from the year.
¿Alguna vez has descargado una aplicación relacionada con la salud en su smartphone, pero preguntándose si es fiable o confiable?​


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