Patient Empowerment - myth or reality webinar

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dr. Ratna Devi, CEO and Co-founder of DakshamA Health and Education, held a webinar on the topic 'Patient Empowerment – Myth or Reality' on Wednesday 8 November 2017.


Key points covered in the session:

• What is patient empowerment?

• Why is patient empowerment important?

• Health vs medical care and the role of empowered patients

• How can patient empowerment be incorporated into healthcare policy

• Role of patients and patient groups as advocates for patient empowerment

Click here to access the full presentation.

Click here for the recording. 


About the Speaker:

Dr. Ratna Devi is the CEO and Co-founder of DakshamA Health and Education, an organization dedicated to working for access to health, patient education and advocacy. She leads a cross disease Patient Alliance in India called Indian Alliance of Patient Groups (IAPG) and works towards policy change, human resources capacity building and system strengthening.