Two more new faces on the Governing Board

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

We are pleased to announce that Hussain Jafri, from Alzheimer's Pakistan, and Bejon Misra, from Consumer Online Foundation (India), will be joining the IAPO Governing Board in August 2016.

Role of the Board

IAPO's strategy and direction is supervised by the Governing Board. This Board comprises of elected representatives from our full and associate member organizations

Many of our Governing Board are patients themselves or are patient representatives such as a parent or carer. All have living and working relationships with patients through their organizations.

Hussain Jafri, Secretary General, Alzheimer's Pakistan

I feel that issues faced by patients throughout the world are similar except the magnitude of problems can be different. For example, patient safety is a global problem, which every country in the world is facing, but the conditions in low income countries are worse than the high income countries.

Read the full interview with Hussain here.

Bejon Misra, Founder, Consumer Online Foundation (India)

[On challenges faced by patients in Asia today...] Healthcare service has become highly commercial and profiteering due to lack of awareness amongst patients about their own immune system and existing regulatory practices... Unfortunately the healthcare delivery system in Asia, Africa and other regions has become a trading business like other commodities around the world. 

Read the full interview with Bejon here.

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