Three additions to the IAPO Governing Board

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

At IAPO's Annual General Meeting at the 8th Global Patients Congress in Miami, 24 -26 May, three IAPO members were elected to the Governing Board.

New Governing Board Members

- Karen Alparce-Villanueva, Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO)

- Ellos Ellard Lodzeni, Patient and Community Welfare Foundation of Malawi (PAWEM)

- Ya Hsin Wang, Psoriasis Association Taiwan

They will begin their terms in August 2018. We shall introduce each new Governing Board Member in more detail over the next few months.


Role of the Board

IAPO's strategy and direction is supervised by the Governing Board. This Board comprises of elected representatives from our full and associate member organizations. 

Many of our Governing Board are patients themselves or are patient representatives such as a parent or carer. All have living and working relationships with patients through their organizations.

Our Board has two face-to-face meetings each year and active engagement through teleconferences throughout the year.


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