Antonia Gama, Policy and Communications Lead

Antonia is IAPO's policy and communications lead and is responsible for managing IAPO's collaboration plan with the World Health Organization (WHO) and making sure our messages circulate to a wide audience via a variety of mediums.

Antonia works at the intersection of social sciences and communication. She has a background in documentary filmmaking and vast experience with policy design and research, project management and community engagement.

Antonia was part of IAPO’s external support in the past few years and is now permanently leading policy and communications. She is responsible for overseeing our Collaboration Plan with the WHO and for liaising with multiple IAPO partners while leading our newsletters, social media, digital design and content for the IAPO website.

Antonia holds a PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media and an MPhil in Ethnographic Documentary, both from the University of Manchester, where she also worked as a Teaching Assistant. She has also worked as a consultant for the UN-Habitat and as a researcher at the State Department of Human Rights of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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