What is the Global Patients Congress?

The Congress is our flagship event where we bring together our global membership with a variety of high level healthcare stakeholders to discuss important issues for patients worldwide.   

IAPO member at Congress 2014  

What happens at Congress?

Congress brings together around 200 patient advocates from across the world. Organizations of all sizes share best practice, gain insight into pressing healthcare issues and meet with others passionate about patient-centred healthcare. 

Delegates representing dozens of causes unite to strengthen the global patient voice and improve the lives of patients worldwide. They:

  • Meet others in the healthcare field
  • Create national and regional networks
  • Share expertise and speak out on behalf of the patients 
  • Learn from leading healthcare experts
  • Discuss the changing healthcare climate  

Who attends Congress?

Patients’ representatives will meet academics and researchers, policy-makers, industry representatives, healthcare professionals and other influential figures in the healthcare world. Delegates will come together from all over the world (image below shows 2018 delegates).

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