6th Global Patients Congress: Programme

The Congress programme was designed to stimulate discussion and debate and demonstrate the value of patient-centred healthcare and its role in improving access to healthcare. In addition to the plenary sessions there were three streams of breakout sessions, each of which focuses on one of the three pillars of universal health coverage: equity, quality and financing.

Equity Stream: To achieve better access, it is essential that patients have equitable access to the treatments they need. This stream explored the challenges to achieving equity in health systems, how more patients can access healthcare, how patient representatives are addressing these challenges, and what patient empowerment means in an ever-changing healthcare context.

Quality Stream: Expanding the provision of healthcare whilst maintaining a high quality of services is a challenge that all health systems must address if they are to achieve universal health coverage. This stream examined what quality of care means from a patient perspective, shared patient-centred initiatives and explored how quality in healthcare can be measured.

Financing Stream: Achieving universal health coverage requires sustainable financing mechanisms. This stream explored the role of healthcare financing in times of financial constraint and looked at how involving patients in decisions about health financing can lead to better value for money. It shared models of financing universal health coverage and the implications this has for patient care.



29 March 2014: Members Day

30 March 2014: Multi-stakeholder Day 1

31 March 2014: Multi-stakeholder Day 2