Top ten most read articles in 2015

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

IAPO produced 12 newsletters and around 100 articles during 2015.

Topics ranged from internal news such as the upcoming 7th Global Patients Congress, IAPO strategy and member stories to WHO news, global health developments and comment pieces written by experts. 

We have compiled the top ten most read articles from the year.

Most read in 2015

1. Campaigning to change Uganda's health budget

IAPO member the National Organization of People Living with Hepatitis B ran an awareness-raising campaign which resulted in Hepatitis B being included in the Uganda health budget for the first time.


2. WHO calls for all clinical trial results to be published

The World Health Organization (WHO) made it unambiguously clear today that researchers have an ethical imperative to make results from all clinical trials – including past trials – publicly available.


3. Patient safety is in your hands

IAPO Policy Manager Alison Lightbourne explores the importance of hand hygiene and whether it is still a pressing issue around the world today.


4. A new direction for 2015-2017

IAPO's strategic plan for 2015-2017 was announced and included leading the patient voice on global healthcare issues, advancing patient engagement, and empowering the global patient movement.


5. Why should health professionals know about the conditions in which you live?

By Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity. 'Social injustice is killing people on a grand scale. In every country and community, we can see clear inequities in health outcomes...'


6. Global Patients Congress: How to boost your reach and impact

The top priority of many patients’ organizations is to improve their advocacy and campaigning capability, but this is not easy in today’s complex global and national environments. That's why the theme for the 7th Global Patients Congress is, 'Innovation improving sustainable access: how to boost your reach and impact.'


7. Chilean President supports funding of treatment for high cost diseases

IAPO members in Chile have been involved in the introduction of a new law to cover the treatment of high cost diseases.


8. WHO survey: what does engaging patients mean? 

Engaging patients and people in healthcare – what does it mean? What makes it meaningful? A survey for WHO's the Patients for Patient Safety programme.


9. How to build a global network

Paloma Tejada, Senior Manager, Rare Diseases International, shares some advice - including top tips, challenges and successes - for creating a global network.


10. Can patients trust health apps on the market?

Have you ever downloaded a health-related app on your smartphone but wondered how reliable or trust-worthy it is?