WHO survey: what does engaging patients mean?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Engaging patients and people in healthcare – what does it mean? What makes it meaningful? Take part in a survey for WHO's the Patients for Patient Safety programme. Contributed by Emma Scholar, intern for the Patients for Patient Safety programme, WHO.

My name is Emma Scholar and I am an intern at the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) programme of the Service Delivery and Safety (SDS) department, supervised by Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier. We are currently conducting a project on Global Perceptions on Engagement and Empowerment. The project focuses on building and fostering relationships and partnerships between all health stakeholders including patients, families, communities, health professionals and policy-makers. The goal is to ensure meaningful engagement of patients, families and the community in efforts aimed at improved safety and quality in healthcare systems and services at all levels.

Your opinion counts

Your opinions and contributions count. WHO would like to know what makes these relationships and partnerships within the healthcare system important and meaningful to you. The first two questions can be answered by a video ‘selfie’ which can be uploaded using the links provided. 

Take the survey here.

More information

For more information about this project, please contact myself, Emma Scholar or Felicity Pocklington. For more information about patient, family and community engagement and empowerment please visit our website. We are accepting contributions until 31 October 2015 and invite everybody (patients, family members, healthcare professionals and policy-makers) to respond.

Looking forward to hearing your contributions,

Best wishes,


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