Can patients trust health apps on the market?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Have you ever downloaded a health-related app on your smartphone but wondered how reliable or trust-worthy it is?

A new digital age

The rise of smartphones across the world has dramatically changed the way many people live their lives. Smartphones provide instant access to all kinds of information and tools, at home or on the go. They have changed how people interact with different services, manage situations and have changed the face of entire industries.

Healthcare is no different. There are an estimated 100,000 healthcare apps* (programmes which can be downloaded onto smartphones) on the market, addressing hundreds of conditions, diseases and health issues. However, there is no rigorous system or standard in place which guarantees how useful, reliable or safe an app is.

Apps reviewed by real people

My Health Apps have attempted to solve this issue by creating an online hub of health apps reviewed by patients and consumers. Each app has been tried and tested by health and consumer groups worldwide.

The apps have been comprehensively classified and categorised to make searching for the right app easy. Users can browse by category, platform (e.g. your type of smartphone system such as Apple or Android) or language. Best of all, the hub is free to use, as are many of the apps recommended.

As healthcare continues to move into the digital world, patients and consumers will benefit more and more from convenient, easy-to-use solutions for their healthcare needs. Digital changes can provide better access to care for people with mobility issues or learning difficulties and can personalise healthcare in a way never experienced before.

The digital evolution is here to stay. Developments such as My Health Apps are a big step forward in embracing this, harnessing the latest technology and using it for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Apps are not doctors

My Health Apps is a helpful tool to guide patients and consumers towards more reliable apps. However, users should always be aware that apps do not replace professional medical advice or care.

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*Taken from on My Health Apps press release, 30 September 2015.