IAPO Governing Board member Hussain Jafri attended the WHO Regional Committee meeting for the Eastern Mediterranean region in Tunis, Tunisia from 19 to 22 October 2014. He shared a few thoughts with us.
IAPO, together with more than 50 patients’ organizations and hundreds of patients from across the world, are uniting to make patient-centred healthcare a reality this Saturday.
More than 75 delegates from patients associations (including IAPO member CHEN - Patient Fertility Association), health funds and hospitals gathered in the Knesset for a day of patients' rights with members of Knesset (MK).
The IAPO Governing Board recently signed up to several collaborative campaigns and our universal health coverage principles are now available.
We say goodbye to our Chief Executive Officer Jo Groves and our Operations Director Linda Craig. We welcome Stephen McMahon as our interim Chief Executive Officer.
Over the last few months, IAPO has been working on a new strategic plan for 2015 to 2017. Our key theme is universal health coverage.
IAPO member the Polish Diabetes Association was presented with the 2014 International Diabetes Federation Europe Prize in Diabetes last month.
KP Tsang, IAPO Chair, recently attended and spoke at the Fourth International Hospital Federation (IHF) Hospital and Healthcare Leadership Summit, held in Seoul, South Korea on 13 November 2014.
La Alianza Internacional de Organizaciones de Pacientes (IAPO) ha recibido una apasionada carta de uno de nuestros miembros, la Juventud de Liberia Unida para la Seguridad Comunitaria y el Desarrollo, que describe cómo la epidemia del Ébola está teniendo un grave efecto en los servicios de salud y...
Each month we will be interviewing an IAPO member in six short questions. They will be featured in our newsletter and the website. Our featured member of the month is Dr Petra Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of International Diabetes Federation. Petra answered a few questions for us. 1. Describe...