IAPO is part of Get Real , a multi-stakeholder research project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) that aims to investigate how real-world evidence can be effectively used in the drug development process. Within the research consortium, IAPO is carrying out research on patients’...
Informe de Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO de IAPO, sobre la reunión estratégica de FIFARMA en la ciudad de Panamá ! Un buen inicio: invite a los pacientes a observar! Como todos nosotros, es posible que usted esté buscando en Internet el significado del acrónimo FIFARMA ...
Board Member Joshua Wamboga reports from the World Health Organization Africa's 66th Regional Committee meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 19-23 August 2016 Saving the best for last Africa has a way of dragging out the best for last when it comes to important discussions on health. The...
9 August 2016
IAPO board member, Joshua Wamboga, participated in the National Cancer Institute’s Directors Meeting in Lyon, France in July 2016, held by the International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) and Institute of Global Public Health. The event brought together over 100 directors of national...
5 September 2016
The European Lung Foundation is holding a free event in London on how air quality impacts our lung health, where you can hear about the latest research in the field and ask lung health experts your questions.
Innovation improving sustainable access: boosting your reach and impact.
This August, Migdalia Denis, from the Pulmonary Hypertension Latin Society, will join the IAPO Governing Board.
El control social hecho por las organizaciones de pacientes de diabetes delante del retroceso y la crisis en Brasil. Disponible en portugus.
The Medtronic Foundation is now accepting applications for the Bakken Invitation Award, an international award celebrating the philanthropic power of patients.
We are pleased to announce that Hussain Jafri , from Alzheimer's Pakistan, and Bejon Misra , from Consumer Online Foundation (India), will be joining the IAPO Governing Board in August 2016.


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