Asia-Pacific Patients Congress

About the event

IAPO’s Asia-Pacific Patients Congress is our regional event which brings together the objectives of the Global Patients Congress to the Asia-Pacific region. The Congress aims to bring together patient experts and health stakeholders including researchers, nurses, health financiers, regulators, health service providers and pharmaceutical industry representatives to map out how we can all harmonise and align our agendas with national health policies and plans on Universal Health Coverage in the region.

The 4th Asia-Pacific Patients Congress (APPC 2022) themed ‘Patient Co-Creation in Developing Innovative and Resilient Health Systems in Asia-Pacific’ will be held at the TK. Palace Hotel & Convention in Bangkok (Thailand) on 23 - 24 November 2022 and broadcasted online worldwide in both Thai and English. 

The congress progamme will explore how to promote innovation, good governance, and equity in Asia-Pacific health systems through patient engagement, insight, and co-production to build back better. With the Asia-Pacific region now poised to return to “normal” after the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the patients in the region are gearing up to support national and regional build back better programmes and projects to ensure that Asia-Pacific’s health systems are predictive, preventative, participatory, personalised and pre-emptive in delivering accessible, safe, quality, acceptable and affordable healthcare.

The 2022 Congress is organized by IAPO - International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations, in collaboration with our Thai member organization the Heart to Heart Foundation (HHF).


Past Congresses 

3rd Asia-Pacific Patients Congress

On 16 - 17 November 2021, over 3800 patient advocates, government and policy makers, industry representatives, healthcare professionals, academia representatives, researchers and media came together for the virtual 3rd Asia-Pacific Patients Congress (APPC 2021).

Theme: "Recovering together through compassion, insight and co-creation". 

Discussions held at the APPC 2021 all highlighted that patient, family, and community engagement in healthcare decision-making is critical in improving the effectiveness, efficiency, quality, safety and equity of health systems and health technologies development ecosystem. The congress concluded with a pledge for patient-centred healthcare where the patient is not only the user, but a contributor and a co-creator to its development.

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Asia-Pacific Patient Advocacy Consensus for Patient SafetyGlobal Patient Safety Action Plan (GPSAP) on Patient and Family Engagement Co-Creation Consensus Workshop

The co-organizers of the APPC 2021, SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute for Patient Safety & Quality (IPSQ), International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO), Philippine Alliance of Patient Organization (PAPO) and Patient Academy for Innovation & Research (PAIR), worked together with various stakeholders to craft and lead a virtual Asia-Pacific Patient Advocacy Consensus for Patient Safety Workshop, supported by 18 facilitators from Asia-Pacific region, to support GPSAP Strategic Objective 4 which advocates for engaging and empowering patients and families to help and support the journey to safer health care.

PDF icon Click to download the Consensus Workshop Report 

This consensus can serve as a guide for all, especially patient advocates, patient organizations and healthcare organizations in Asia Pacific region to reference and explore the strategies in strengthening patient and family engagement in eliminating avoidable harm in healthcare.


2nd Asia-Pacific Patients Congress 

On 3rd – 4th December 2020, over 3000 delegates with 298 patient groups from 16 countries came together virtually to attend our 2nd Asia Pacific Patients Congress (APPC2020).

Theme: “Patient Leadership in Health Systems Strengthening in Asia 

Find out more about the APP2020 here

Read the full report on the 2020 Congress here.


1st Asia-Pacific Patients Congress 

On 13th -14th November 2019, 145 of IAPO's member organizations and stakeholders, representing 25 countries came together in Taipei, Taiwan(R.O.C) to attend our Asia Pacific Patients Congress.

Theme: Harmonisation for Patient-Centred Healthcare Universal Health Coverage in Asia 

Check out the photos from the last Asia Pacific Patients Congress to learn more about why this event should be on your 2020 list.

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