Inspired by the heritage of Metrodora, a Greek physician who wrote the first known medical text to be authored by a woman, the international Metrodora Awards is an initiative designed to recognise women leaders in science and medicine. 

The awards are hosted by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) together with title sponsor Viatris, to acknowledge outstanding women in science and medicine who have made significant contributions across all disciplines of scientific research, clinical practice, health education, and health policy as well as patient advocacy in key emerging regions of Emerging Asia, Latin America, Africa, Russia/CIS and the Middle East.

Women continue to play a leading role in driving scientific and medical breakthroughs. With each passing year, outstanding women remain committed to dismantling barriers about their participation in science and medicine, especially in fast-growing economies. 

The Metrodora Awards aspire to champion and showcase the achievements of eminent women to drive positive change and inspire more women and girls to follow careers in science and medicine in the years to come.    


Highlights from 2020 Metrodora Awards


How to Enter

The 2022 Metrodora Awards will honour four outstanding women in these categories:

Nominations can be made for any woman leader from any one of the key emerging regions of Emerging Asia, Latin America, Africa, Russia/CIS and the Middle East.

You can nominate more than one candidate, as long as she meets all eligibility criteria. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

An application is considered complete only if it includes all the following items:

  • Nomination form 
  • Full CV (maximum two A4 pages) highlighting academic background, affiliations, patents/ publication and achievement
  • Hi-res headshot (minimum 1MB)
  • Quote Card (no more than 35 words) from each nominee summarizing their passion or commitment to one of the following areas:
  1. Education of healthcare stakeholders
  2. Research in science & medicine
  3. Clinical medical practice
  4. Health care systems and health policy 
  5. Patient-centric scientific advocacy
  • Names of two referees for each nomination 
  • A letter of endorsement from the nominator which highlights and describes the nominees' contribution to region/country (200-400 words) 

All nominations must be submitted by 11:29PM (Singapore Time) on Wednesday 28 February 2022 to Metrodora.awards@gcihealth.com. Incomplete or late submissions, as well as nominees who do not meet the requirements mentioned above, will not be considered for the Awards. 

                                            Download the nominations form


Key dates for the 2022 Metrodora Awards:

28 February 2022        Deadline of nomination submissions
16 March 2022             Announcements of finalists
30 March 2022              Metrodora Awards ceremony



Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the Metrodora Awards, applicants must:

  • Have at least a master’s degree
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership and significant contributions to one or more of the following aspects (academia, government, regulatory or others):
  1. Healthcare stakeholder education 
  2. Research in science & medicine
  3. Clinical medical/ public health practice
  4. Health care systems and health policy 
  5. Patient-centric scientific advocacy
  • Actively involved in scientific research, clinical practice or public health
  • Able to attend the award ceremony  virtually

Winners' Commitments 

Winners will be awarded a grant of $10,000 USD each, announced at the virtual ceremony held at 4 p.m. UAE time (8 p.m. Singapore time, 8 a.m. UK time) on 30 March 2022.

In addition, the winners will also agree to the following:

  • The winners agree to be photographed, filmed, and interviewed for non-commercial objectives and for Metrodora Awards program-related purposes. These photos, videos and texts will be used in publications and audiovisual means including but not limited to written press, television, internet, outdoor display, corporate publications, social media platforms and exhibitions worldwide. 
  • Images of the winners can be used for the promotion of science among the younger generation, particularly young women. A separate written audiovisual authorization will be signed by each of the winners. The winners will not receive any remuneration for such promotional activity. 

Judging Process

All nominations will be assessed by a judging panel of women leaders from the emerging economies in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America based on the criteria listed below. The judging panel’s decision will be final, binding and no further correspondence will be entered into. Finalists will be contacted by representatives of the Metrodora Awards organizing team for an interview. 

The selection criteria of the candidates are as follows: 

Medical Education of healthcare stakeholders, demonstrated by work in one or both of primary care and secondary care, rated on the following:

  • Involvement in educational programs, commitment to teaching and mentoring other women in sciences within community. 

Research in science & medicine, commitment in furthering scientific development of sciences of non-communicable diseases NCDs, rated on the following:

  • Body of work in her field of science (number, quality and impact of publications, conference presentations, patents)
  • Clinical medical practice, demonstrated by work on evolving the clinical management of NCDs
  • Involvement in practice guidelines development, clinical programs on NCD care, etc.

Health care systems and health policy, rated on the following:

  • Leadership in policy shaping activities, advisory council and regulatory related work

Patient-centric advocacy, rated on the following:

  • Involvement in humanitarian/NGO work on management and prevention of NCDs, patient support-related efforts (i.e.: literacy, access to healthcare, support groups, etc.)


For further information, please contact: Metrodora.Awards@gcihealth.com, metrodora@iapo.org.uk