Our statements

Our statements

IAPO  develops and uses statements to help shape outcomes of meetings and strategies and to urge policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to take specific action on patient-centred healthcare.

Our statements serve as key advocacy resources to support our member organizations and patient-centred healthcare advocates. Find out more about IAPO’s statements below.


WHO Executive Board Statements

The World Health Organization Executive Board (WHO EB) puts into practice the policies and decisions made at the World Health Assembly (WHA), WHO’s decision-making body. During the annual WHO EB meeting in January, EB members agree upon the agenda and the resolutions to be considered at the upcoming WHA.

IAPO  delivers statements at the annual WHO EB meeting, prepared together with the Board and partners, to push for patient-centred healthcare to be considered within certain agenda items. This is important because it raises the profile of patient-centred healthcare on the global health agenda and works toward establishing commitments and global policies on patient-centred healthcare.


World Health Assembly Statements

The WHA is the decision-making body of WHO and is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. It is attended by delegations from all WHO Member States and, thanks to IAPO’s official relations status with the World Health Organization, we leverage this meeting by delivering statements made in consultation with IAPO members to influence global policies and commitments on World Health Assembly Statements.

World Health Assembly 74 - 2021

World Health Assembly 75 - 2022

World Health Assembly 76 - 2023