Fees and payment

Membership Fees

An IAPO membership is valid for 1 year, until 31st December of the year. Fees are based on the organization’s annual income, and can be paid for either one year or three years with a discounted rate. New Members’ membership is active from the date they join until 31st December of the year. 




Fee waivers

IAPO is able to offer annual free membership as a way to encourage those deserving patient groups interested in being part of our alliance but have no financial means to do so.   

Fee waivers are aimed at IAPO Members who are a recognised active patient-led advocacy group nationally, regionally, or globally. High priority will be given to patient organizations whose annual income is below USD $100,000, and those that:

  1. Come from or work with patients in Low- and Lower Middle- Income Countries, according to the World Bank classification.
  2. Work on Patient Safety. 
  3. Engaged in critical post pandemic Build Back Better World Health Assembly Resolution 73.1 and other health system strengthening.
  4. Advocate and promote access, patient rights, patient charters. 
  5. Support and advocate on behalf of patients with rare and genetic diseases.
  6. Work on innovative gene, cell, and other therapies.
  7. Support digital health.
  8. Work in vulnerable settings: paediatrics, age, mental health, end of life, minority/ethnic and refugee groups. Also, those supporting communities with a lower socioeconomic status.
  9. Work in Health Emergencies and Natural Disasters.
  10. Work with patient groups or settings that the Membership Committee assesses will add value to our understanding and response (impact) as an alliance.


How to pay

Membership fees can be paid via bank transfer and PayPal. 

For details on IAPO's bank account or your membership reference number, please email membership@iapo.org.uk.

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