Latin American Patients Congress

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The International Alliance of Patients’ Organisations (IAPO) had been holding regular in-person Latin American Patients’ Congress in the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Region for some time. After suspending our in-person congresses because of the pandemic and the risks posed to our shielding patient groups, IAPO is now resuming engagement in the region starting with our virtual 1st Virtual Latin American Patients Congress (LAPC 2022) on 16th June 2022.

PAHO is 120 years old this year. The founding of the institution in 1902 was a great innovation in global public health. PAHO was founded 45 years earlier than the World Health Organization, and set the benchmark in international collaboration on major public health threats to the Americas from yellow fever, malaria, smallpox, cholera, and other epidemics.

IAPO is now proud to hold its first virtual Latin American Patients Congress during the 120th anniversary of PAHO with the theme “Innovation, Good Governance and Equity in Latin American Health Systems through Patient Engagement, Insight and Co-production”, and contribute to the colossal effort being made by Latin American countries to eliminate the pandemic and build back better. 



The pandemic has disrupted many health services and the progress towards achieving quality, safe, acceptable, accessible and affordable universal health coverage by 2030 in Latin America. In order to build back better and catch up with the timelines and standards of care required, the theme reflects that we need to invest in innovation, good governance and equity. It is very important that patients engage in the build back better and co-create and co-produce patient-centric services, medicines and health systems in Latin America.

The pandemic has forced patient organizations to develop new knowledge, skills, attitudes, confidence, and partnerships to function competently in disrupted healthcare ecosystem. Patient organizations had to forge new national, regional and global relationships with health systems, research institutes, regulators, and policymakers to keep us safe and help us control the pandemic.



The LAPC Programme is sectioned into three main streams. Each stream will share patient engagement evidence and best practice from the perspective of the patient organisations, academics, regulators, regional State and non-State bodies. Stakeholders will speak on:

  • Innovation
  • Good Governance
  • Equity
  Stream 1: Patient engagement, insight, and co-production in INNOVATION

This stream is sectioned into two thematic clusters to look at patient engagement, insight, and co-production in:

  • Genomic Medicine in Latin America: Personalised and Stratified Medicine
  • Humanising healthcare in Latin America: Putting people at the heart of healthcare through humanising health literacy, digital health and patient data, prevention focus (50:50), diversity and equity
  Stream 2: Patient engagement, insight, and co-production in GOOD GOVERNANCE

This stream is split into two sections to look at patient engagement, insight, and co-production in:

  • Medicines and Health Devices Regulation:
    • Institution of patient engagement in National Medicines Regulatory Bodies through law, policy, practice, and standards (comparator European Medicines Agency / FDA)
    • PAHO -Regulatory Reliance or a Latin America Medicines Agency like Europe (EMA) and Africa (AMA)
  • Health Technology Assessment:
    • Patient Preferences - Patient Reported Outcomes and Patient Reported Experience
    • Value Based Healthcare
  Stream: 3 Patient engagement, insight, and co-production in EQUITY

This stream is split into three sections to look at patient engagement, insight, and co-production in addressing equity and access in:

  • Rare Diseases - Latin America and the UN Resolution for Rare. Reflecting on Ricarte Soto Law 2015 Chile
  • Health of indigenous peoples in Latin America
  • Safe and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) free healthcare as a basic human right


Why attend?

Benefits of attending and collaborating with us on this event:

1. Help improve your understanding of the current healthcare ecosystem and support us improve the lives of patients across the Latin American Region.

Congress equips patients’ organizations with the skills, knowledge and networks needed to thrive in their own fields. Organizations will be better equipped to improve the lives of those they work with.


2. Align your organization with the forefront of regional and global patient engagement and advocacy good practice.

Join us as we work to visibly align with those at the forefront of patient engagement in the region. You will come together with high-level speakers, academics, health organizations and patients themselves. You will also meet delegates and gain immediate access to the insight and opinions of patients like yourselves.


3. Share your work with leading healthcare figures and organizations

Share your ideas and work with peers at various moments throughout the Congress such as at the sessions' Q&As and in the exhibition booths.


Who will attend?

  • Patients, patient advocates and carers
  • Government and policy makers
  • Industry and science representatives
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Academia and researchers
  • Regulators & HTA bodies
  • Media