Please check that your organization meets the criteria for Full, Associate or Affiliated membership before submitting an application. New membership applications take around 6-8 weeks to process, and we will update applying organizations in due course regarding each step.


Step 1: Applying organizations submit their application and supporting documents via the online form.


Step 2: Complete applications are reviewed by IAPO, who can i) request further documents and information from the applying organization, or ii) send it to the Membership Committee for approval. 


Step 3: Membership Committee assesses applications and can i) grant provisional approval subject to the payment of the membership fee, ii) request further information and documents from the applying organizations, or iii) reject applications.


Step 4: If the application is approved, applying organizations can either i) pay for membership fees based on organizational income or ii) request a fee waiver.


List of documents to submit in support of your application

Organizations applying for Full and Associate Membership must provide the supporting documentation in their application form:

  1. Legal Registration Certificate.
  2. Most recent set of audited Accounts OR statement from their accountants OR, for organizations with an income of less than USD 100,000, IAPO’s Organizational Annual Income Statement Form.
  3. If the applicant is an umbrella organization, a full list of members.
  4. Written evidence of commitment to patients and the principle of patient-centred healthcare, for example a statement, letter, strategic plan, mission and vision, or Bylaws and constitution.
  5. [Full Membership applications only] A letter or statement which explains how the organization ensures that it is patient driven. Full Members must demonstrate that they use at least one of the following methods:

- The majority of the organization’s voting rights to nominate and elect the governing body of the organization are held by patients (1), patient representatives (2), or representatives of patients’ organizations.
- The majority of the organization’s governing body are patients, patient representatives, or representatives of patients’ organizations.
- The organization’s strategy, policies, and activities are driven by, and represent, patient’s needs and views. Patients and patient representatives may in addition support and drive the organization financially through voluntary contributions. 

(1) We define a patient as “a person with any chronic disease, illness, syndrome, impairment or disability”. We aim to be representative of all patients regardless of gender, race, class, culture, religion or belief, age, sexuality, lifestyle or degree of able-bodiedness.
(2) We define patient representatives as “patients’ organization representatives, family members or carers”.


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