Dr Kannan Subramanium

Dr Kannan Subramanium, MD is the Global Medical Lead, Central Nervous System (Psychiatry/Neurology) at Viatris. 

Kannan Subramaniam is a physician with specialist training in psychiatry. After a decade in clinical medicine, he provided leadership and governance to ICT and biotechnology companies. He has been leading the Noncommunicable Disease strategy in emerging nations for Upjohn, which has now merged with Mylan to become Viatris, empowering people worldwide to live healthier.

His charter is to foster patient centricity, and bridge gaps in knowledge and clinical practice to reducethe burden from NCDs. Prior to Upjohn, Kannan led a biodiscovery venture for Fonterra, a globaldairy company.

His current focus is to address NCD care amid the pandemic.



Terms on SAB
  • 1st term (2021-2022)