2nd International Congress of Person Centered Medicine

Friday, 7 November 2014

With the theme of 'Advancing Humanistic and Interdisciplinary Health Care' the 2nd International Congress of Person Centered Medicine will be unfolded in a friendly, interactive and collegiate atmosphere through lectures, symposia, workshops, oral and poster presentations and a range of timely topics, including primary care, mental health, pediatrics, and geriatrics as well as public health services and policies for prevention and health promotion. All this in close collaboration with medical and health institutions of Argentina and Latin America.

The International College of Person Centered Medicines (ICPCM) mission is to promote a medicine of the person, for the person, by the person and with the person, transforming medical practice from the current disease-based, management-directed reductionist approach forward to a medicine of the whole person in context. IAPO is an organizational member of ICPCM and our CEO, Jo Groves will be speaking during the Congress.


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