3rd World Sepsis Congress

3rd World Sepsis Congress

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 to Thursday, 22 April 2021

Advancing Prevention, Survival, and Survivorship in Sepsis and COVID-19

Despite many advances, great inequities in the availability of healthcare resources and the relative attention afforded to sepsis undermine efforts to improve prevention, recognition, and management of sepsis – particularly in LMICs – a situation amplified by COVID-19. This 3rd World Sepsis Congress will shine a light on sepsis as one of the world’s biggest killers, reminding us that sepsis and severe infection are a constant threat to mankind rather than a threat restricted to pandemics. Health systems that are resilient against sepsis and severe infection outside pandemics will be resilient against future pandemics.

It is a free online event offering 15 sessions with over 90 speakers presenting on all aspects of sepsis: from the impact of policy, the role of artificial intelligence and big data, patient safety, and long-term sequelae to novel trial design, the latest research, and much more.

IAPO CEO Kawaldips Sehmi will be speaking in the session - ‘Combating Sepsis is a Great Patient Safety Strategy’ -  scheduled for 2:30pm GMT on 21 April.

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