9th Forum Alianza Latina

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Alianza Latina is a network established with the aim to represent and empower non-profit organizations that support patients in Latin America. Founded in November 2006, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alianza Latina brings together the leaders of patient support groups from all over Latin America, seeking to enrich their knowledge on themes such as strategic management, volunteering, fundraising, advocacy, and communication to help them improve not only the quality of life of the patients but to increasing life expectancy on the continent.

With almost 10 years of existence, Alianza Latina has been able to formalize institutionally, with a significant number of member entities in the countries where most of the Latin American population is concentrated. Nowadays, the network has 100 members from 18 different countries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal who participating together on various network activities and get together once a year at the Alianza Latina annual Forum.

At the Alianza Latina annual forum, these leaders not only receive information about the most up-to-date practices in management, but also have the opportunity to interact, develop new ideas, solutions and partnerships for reaching common goals. They also have new opportunities to share their experience and learn from the other, different ways to improve their local work and deal with their challenges in an innovative and creative way.

This year, the 2-day and a half meeting will be hosted in Guatemala City, Guatemala, during the 13th to 15th of November. The 9th Alianza Latina Forum will provide to the patients organizations representatives, information and tools about how to promote their capacity building, professionalization and empowerment. Support and strengthen their activities, and helping them to achieve their ultimate objective, is an Alianza Latina goal that together with the constantly work to improving patients assessment to the best treatment available and quality of life, helps the network to achieve one of ours objective: defending the rights and help every person who live with chronic diseases in Latin America.

As part of our strategy for Latin America, IAPO collaborates closely with Alainza Latina and earlier this year we held a joint seminar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Read more about these activities.

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