How can an African Patient Organization influence change in Africa

How can an African Patient Organization influence change in Africa

Wednesday, 24 August 2022
Becoming a non-State Actor in official relations or an accredited organisation in WHO Africa - What, how and when. 24 August 2022,12pm-1pm BST, Virtual    Introduction

With the World Health Organisation’s Regional Committee for Africa adopting for the first time a procedure for accreditation for regional non-State actors not in official relations with WHO to participate in the sessions of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, our event could not be timelier. 

IAPO is hosting a virtual side event to review the requirements for the accreditation process and how we can work together to ensure more patient organizations in Africa achieve this status. We will also review current opportunities that could act as a springboard towards your organization achieving this status.

As an organization in official relations with the WHO, IAPO will share its experience on achieving this status and the benefits gained as a result.

We invite you to register to join us at this virtual side event to the WHO Regional Committee for Africa as we discuss how patients’ organization can become a Non-State Actor in official relation with the WHO Africa.



World Health Organization (WHO) was founded in 1948. WHO is the United Nations agency that connects nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health.

WHO leads global efforts to expand universal health coverage. It directs and coordinates the world’s response to health emergencies. Its biggest impact has been in promoting healthier lives – from pregnancy care through old age. WHO Triple Billion targets outline an ambitious plan for the world to achieve good health for all using science-based policies and programmes. 

WHO works with: 

  • Governments and leaders
  • United Nations and multilateral organizations 
  • Experts
  • Non-State actors

With the WHO Africa’s pivotal role in improving African health, as well as its extensive technical expertise and skills share programmes, makes it a powerful ally for patients’ organisations in Africa to attain quality, safe, accessible, acceptable, affordable, and equitable healthcare nationally. 

By working in partnership with WHO, patients’ organizations can:

  • Develop their knowledge and skills in disease and cross-disease clinical practice, policy and standards
  • Shape their own healthcare ecosystem through co-creation and co-production
  • Participate in WHO advocacy campaigns
  • Share their insight with Member States 
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