IFPA Webinar: IAPO and Global Action on Patient Safety

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Patient safety: where have we been, where are we now, and what can we do next?

Time: 12:00- 13.00 PM CEST

Presenter: Kawaldip Sehmi, Chief Executive Officer at International Alliance of Patients' Organizations

An important part of patient advocacy is advocating for patient safety, something that has been made even more apparent with the ongoing pandemic. The International Association of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) guests IFPA’s Webinar Series on October 8, to discuss their work towards ensuring patient safety, how it resulted in a WHO Resolution, and what this means for patients and patient associations.

Join us for an exciting discussion on:

  • IAPO and their work on patient safety
  •  Useful networks
  • The WHO Resolution on Global Action on Patient Safety
  •  Patient safety and COVID-19


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