Patient value summit

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Connecting the dots in the care continuum

Organised by the Economist Intelligence Unit, this summit will gather policy-makers, healthcare practitioners, patient advocates and industry representatives for a highly interactive, global agenda examining the challenge of keeping the patient at the centre of the healthcare continuum.

The patient is the only non-professional in the vast network of people whose actions and decisions influence and affect the course of their treatment. They don’t have clinical expertise or years of experience to guide them as they navigate through the care continuum, making it easy to lose focus on their priorities. This session will thus put a focus on the patient and a lens on their experience.

From optimizing patient-provider relationships to developing new treatments and implementing breakthrough technologies, the event will be centered on the policies needed to implement patient centricity across all stages of the healthcare model.

Sessions will take a global perspective on the takeaways to be found across different geographies and a deep dive into new and innovative approaches to implementing patient centricity across all stages of the healthcare model.  

Programme highlights:

  • Understanding value: Patient first priorities
  • Best practices and new technologies: Enacting patient-centred decision-making
  • The road forward: Creating a patient-centred healthcare paradigm

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