WHO Webinar on Medication Safety

Thursday, 20 June 2019

In recognition of the scale of avoidable harm linked with unsafe medication practices and medication errors, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the third Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm in 2017. The goal was and still is to reduce severe, avoidable medication-related harm by 50% over a period of five years, globally.

As part of the Challenge, WHO has asked countries and key stakeholders to prioritize three areas for strong commitment, early action and effective management to protect patients from harm while maximizing the benefit from medication, namely:

  • medication safety in high-risk situations;
  • medication safety in polypharmacy;
  • medication safety in transitions of care.

At this webinar, WHO will be presenting a set of three technical reports – Medication safety in high-risk situations, Medication safety in polypharmacy, and Medication safety in transitions of care. This is in effort to facilitate early priority actions and planning by countries and key stakeholders to address each of these areas.

These technical reports are intended for all interested parties, particularly to inform national health policy-makers and encourage appropriate action by ministries of health, health care administrators and regulators, organizations, professionals, patients, families and caregivers, and all who aim to improve health care and patient safety.


Introduction to the three key priority areas — Sir Liam Donaldson
13:05 High-risk situations — Emeritus Professor Philip Routledge, Cardiff University School of    Medicine, United Kingdom
13:10 Polypharmacy — Ms Alpana Mair, The Scottish Government, United Kingdom

Transitions of care — Ms Ciara Kirke, Ireland's Health Service, Ireland

13:20 Q&A
13:50 Implementation and next steps — Dr Neelam Dhingra, Coordinator, Patient Safety and Risk Management

Closing remarks — Sir Liam Donaldson


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