Healthcare Industry Partners

Our Healthcare Industry Partners are companies, foundations and associations who commit to providing us with various levels of unrestricted financial support inline with our Partnership Framework. This provides a clear method which supports transparent, accountable effective collaborations.  


The Framework

For us, this Partnership does not mean dependence; rather it is a way for us to interact with industry stakeholders and maintain our independence as a patients' organization.

Defining Industry Partners

Industry Partners are companies who produce healthcare-related products or services, company-owned foundations, or the foundations and associations who represent such companies. 

Examples of eligible organizations include:

  • Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, homeopathic and medical devices manufacturers
  • Biotechnology and health insurance companies
  • Industry associations such as those representing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical devices industries

To find out more about our industry partnerships, or if you are interested in supporting our work please get in touch.