Calls for universal health coverage at WHO meetings in 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

IAPO representatives shared the patient voice at four WHO Regional Committee meetings during 2014.

WHO holds these meetings to set policy, approve budgets and decide programmes of work in each region. Our representatives spoke out on key issues that affect patients and patients groups around the world.

IAPO board members and IAPO members attended meetings for Europe, the Americas, Western Pacific and the Eastern Mediterranean regions during September and October 2014.

Our position

Each shared IAPO’s position on universal health coverage (in the context of the Health 2020 goals) and the involvement on non-state actors with WHO. These were delivered as oral and written interventions and were well received.

Our representatives met many different figures across healthcare in each Regional Committee meeting. This included Ministers of Health from different countries, government figures, WHO Regional Directors and other staff, Non-Governmental Organizations and many other healthcare professionals too.

The meetings were a success. We shared the patient voice with global healthcare decision-makers and developed stronger working relationships with many others.


See the interventions here: