Did you take part in Patient Solidarity Day?

Monday, 7 December 2015

Over 100 organizations from 31 countries helped make the Day a great success.

The World Health Organization's African and Western Pacific Offices endorsed the event and there was extensive web coverage through social media, blogs, articles and news outlets around the world.

Highlights are coming soon!

How did you take part?

Please let us know if you took part in the Day or saw any news coverage marking the occasion. Send your stories, photos, news and links to ian@iapo.org.uk.

Find out more

See our official press release for Patient Solidarity Day or our website for more information.

*Image: Chilean organizations celebrate Patient Solidarity Day 2015, including: GIST Chile, Corporación Psoriasis Chile, Fundación Linfoma, Cancer Coaching and Foro Nacional de Cáncer.